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A Note From Keith (click to read)
Keith Villa
Head Brewmaster and Founder of the Blue Moon Brewing Company®

After earning his Ph.D. in brewing from the University of Brussels in Belgium, an honor only a handful of brewers have achieved, Keith came back stateside with the idea of crafting beers inspired by Belgian styles, but with a twist. His first interpretation turned out to be our most popular beer, Blue Moon® Belgian White* and the start of the Blue Moon Brewing Company®. Since then, Keith has gone on to brew several award-winning beers like our Vintage Blonde Ale and Summer Honey Wheat. Today, Keith continues to have fun experimenting and creating new beers for the brewery he founded in 1995. When he’s not standing over a kettle, you can find him restoring classic American cars and bikes in his garage.

John Legnard

John’s story starts about an hour north of Denver in another Craft-beer-centric town—Fort Collins, Colorado. After winning awards for his homebrews, he knew he wanted to brew for a living. He worked his way up at small breweries, honing his brewing skills, until one day he got the call to join Blue Moon Brewing Company® in 1995. Here from the start, John has helped the brewery bring home several medals from beer festivals as well as create many of our Blue Moon® seasonals and specialty beers. In his spare time, John takes advantage of the Colorado landscape. An avid outdoorsman, you might just run into him hiking the backcountry.

The SandLot Guys

Tom: With a degree in Aerospace Science nailed to the wall, Tom followed the path that led to brewing beer instead. Who can blame him? Here from the start, he’s always pushing the limits by introducing new and interesting ingredients to brew with. He’s also our go-to guy for a good laugh and humorous beer names that, in most cases, won’t leave the brewery walls.

Bill: Thinks he’s German. Bill has a deep appreciation for German lagers and will furiously debate you on the subject of them (most likely as he’s brewing one). He joined The SandLot in 2002, becoming a full-time brewer in 2007. He’s been an avid homebrewer since 1974 and will gladly share stories about his travels biking across Europe. Over a Helles, of course.

Addison: The new guy. Addison started with the Blue Moon Brewing Company® as a brewer’s contract apprentice in 2009. Since joining the team, among other things, he brilliantly figured out how to get—a lot more efficiently—the peanut butter used in the Peanut Butter Ale out of the jar. Before brewing, he studied the culinary arts and won national awards for his skills.

A Note From Our Brewmaster

At Blue Moon Brewing Company, we started crafting our first beers back in 1995 in downtown Denver, Colorado. The goal then was to brew flavorful beers with quality ingredients that people would enjoy and share with their friends.

Over the years, we’ve stayed true to our original vision. We still draw inspiration from our surroundings—the changing seasons or a new and different ingredient—to Artfully Craft our beers.

We hope you enjoy everything that Blue Moon Brewing Company has to offer as much as we enjoy brewing it. After all, having fun while crafting great beer is what we’re all about.

Keith Villa
Head Brewmaster and Founder

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