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Blue Moon
Blue Moon Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale
& Seasonal Collection Inviting Craft Beer With a Welcoming Twist
Led by Blue Moon Belgian White, this collection also features a wide array of approachable seasonal offerings.
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Blue Moon
Expressionist Collection™ Intriguing Interpretations of Classic Styles.
For the Expressionist Collection, we found our inspiration in the rich heritage of classic beer styles, but, of course, we added our own twists along the way. Whether it’s an interesting ingredient or an uncommon blend, these beers are intended to spark your curiosity as we explore the endless possibilities of great Craft beer.
Blue Moon
Graffiti Collection™ Unpredictable Inspiration. Unexpected Ales.
We never know what will come out of the creative minds of our brewmasters. These bigger, bolder ales are inspired by the unpredictable stories of our brewers.