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Mountain Abbey Ale
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Blue Moon
Mountain Abbey Ale
Mountain Abbey Ale
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Leave the Hustle and Bustle at the Door.
It’s no secret that it gets pretty cold here in Colorado. So early on in the brewery’s history, our brewmasters wanted to create a beer that would do the trick on a snowy winter day. Today, we craft our winter wonder with roasted malts and dark. Belgian candi sugar for rich caramel and toffee notes. It’s perfect on those winter days when you’re stuck inside.

Available in 12-oz. bottles, 6-pack, 12-pack, Draft
Ingredients and Profile
Malts: Pale, Winter White Wheat, Chocolate
Hops: Mittelfruh
Our Twist: Dark Belgian Candi Sugar
IBUs: 16
Original Gravity: 14º Plato
ABV: 5.6%
Chestnut brown-colored ale with brilliant clarity and a rich, white head.
Like the season, there’s a lot to take in. Starts with a malty nuttiness with notes of dark chocolate and toffee. A hint of hops swirls in the background.
The taste starts with assertive malty caramel notes with a touch of dark chocolate. It’s quickly balanced with a small amount of hop bitterness to keep the malt sweetness from building up.
A medium-bodied winter ale with a medium level of carbonation for balance.
Rich toffee and caramel finish with a hint of bitter dark chocolate.
Food Pairing
The rich caramel and toffee notes in this ale pair with hearty stews and chocolate-based desserts.
One of our favorite recipes to pair with Mountain Abbey Ale is Blue Moon® Mountain Abbey Ale Pot Roast
Blue Moon® Mountain Abbey Ale Pot Roast
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World Beer Cup
World Beer Cup
  • 1998 Blue Moon® Abbey Ale**, Belgian-Style Pale Ale
  • **Currently known as Blue Moon Mountain Abbey Ale